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David Ali from Nigeria is working diligently to fulfil his escape

Potential Brand Ambassador

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

GCPTALKS, Inc 2020 Talented Artist Interview U.S. Interest, and Globally David Ali, NIGERIAN Biography2020 of superstar David Ali whose birth name is Ilobaechine Victor David

David Ali discovered his talent for music at a tender age therefore, he has worked diligently from then until now to arrived at the performing stage of his life. David Ali, this is his own production story which is a new life for him and, surely a tells it, all for his fans to enjoy. David Ali is a son, of Nigeria and one who is very proud of his culture and the talent that he is pursuing. David Ali, with the considering of his love for other faraway nations such as the United States of America and the Caribbean Island of Jamaica West Indies which is on the mind of young David Ali. David Ali, wants to work with up and coming stars in America, Haiti, and Jamaica and possibly elsewhere in the world not to mention renowned.

David Ali was raised by his parents who attended the Pentecostal services and as Christian, they did try to bring-up David Ali, in the right path of life. David Ali, grew up in a one faith household with five siblings, with him David Ali, being the second child, who is also in the same faith beliefs. David Ali, attended Ogbe army-day-secondary school, in Effurun. As David Ali, grew older he started to develop a love for music and to point out this, that his idols are very much musically clear. It's the American performers and Jamaican musicians that he had in mind to emulate as well as which he wanted to develop and work on creating his own style. David Alie, I grew up listening to Fela Kuti and Wyclef Jean. David Ali, My father got remarried after the death of my mum. Then I formed a music group in Alegbo with a fellow friend called empire star entertainment. David Ali, with the group, we only did live freestyles on shows without dropping any songs. David Ali, my stage name was Rhymskid until 2014 I later met Akinwande otunba a music lover/entrepreneur who took me in because then I had no home and was homeless.

While with Otunba I recorded sets of the song with producer kizzybeat which some songs couldn't be published because the producer lost the file and some recorded song wasn't properly mixed and up to standard in 2018 Otunba. David Ali, there was a financial period for me and with issues, so they couldn't assist me any longer. David Ali, so I had to join a label called "Hanny, house entertainment, but due to the fact that the newly joined label couldn't take care of me as an artist pending to the fact that they were so many artists in the label, I had to quit and start fending personally on my music future. David Ali, in 2019 I met DON PRINCE AKPARANTA in a car wash where I go every day to wash cars to earn a living, so he took me in and stopped me from washing cars. David Ali, I am very grateful to this day, now I am concentrating on my musical career pursuits. David Ali, this is 2020 I am set to release hits that can present me within Nigeria throughout the world. Presently I am still with DON PRINCE AKPARANTA My name is David Ali, and this is my story This is the Biography of David Ali Talented music Artist out of Nigeria presenting to the world. I hope to bring my music to many nations around the world and with the United States non-profit GCPTALKS, Inc push, I hope to do my best performing for humanitarian issues affairs and its causes and polices. I wish to become a Brand Ambassador for GCPTALKS, Inc


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